Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights Casino Game

There are very few casino games out there that offer players the opportunity to enjoy an experience that transcendsArabian Nights Casino Game day to day life experiences. One such game is the Arabian Nights Casino that has been designed to offer players with a unique opportunity to relish the lifestyle of the early 9th century Arabian world. The Net Entertainment developed casino game uses the video slot model whereby the players are required to place their bets on different video slots.

Game-play basics

As earlier explained, Arabian Nights Video Slot requires players to place their bets on the video slot. The game features a mega jackpot that increases in an incremental fashion with each bet a player makes until such a point when a lucky player is able to come up with the winning combination.

Game details

There are various underlying details regarding Arabian Nights including the payout percentage which stands at around 95 percent. In addition to the payout percentage, the game also features carefully designed video slots that are made up of five reels and each has a maximum number of ten winning options. In addition to that, the game also features free spins, various jackpot options and other interesting components. Finally, the game features a single bet level making it easy to play and understand.

Different settings

One of the things that make Arabian Nights a fun and interesting video slot game is the available of different setting options. The game offers several settings for users who can easily customize the game to suit their individual needs. Some of the components that can easily be adjusted by users include the sound effects, ambiance sound and game history.

Wild symbols

Wild symbols are meant to enhance the overall experience of users by increasing their possible winnings. Precisely, these symbols are increase the possible winnings of players by enabling players to double their winnings each and every time they come up with a winning combination which contains a wild symbol.

Enjoy the video too.